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What is difference between plastic formwork and Steel forms?

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At present, there are 3 kinds of formworks on the market: steel formwork, plywood formwork, plastic formwork, PVC plastic formwork is a new formwork, the market feedback is very good, next for you to analyze the characteristics of these three formworks.

steel formwork steel forms plywood formwork plywood formwork pvc formworkplastic formwork

  1. In terms of sturdiness
    Steel formwork is stronger than wood and plastic formwork, the hardness of steel formwork (90-100 Shore hardness) > plastic formwork hardness (80-90) > wood formwork hardness (40-50). Template hardness of 80-90 Shore D
  2. In terms of the number of uses
    Steel formwork and plastic formwork are more durable than wooden formwork, the number of times steel formwork is used (50-60 times) = the number of times plastic formwork is used (50-60 times) > the number of times wooden formwork is used (about 5 times)
  3. From the use of cost
    Steel template size is fixed, need to buy different size to meet the demand, plastic template and wooden template can be cut at will, size without special customization, steel template weight is very heavy, the material input is larger, plastic template and wooden template is lighter, manual can carry, when demoulding steel template and wooden template need release agent to assist demoulding, while plastic template completely without release agent, and no secondary repair wall, which can reduce a lot of costs.
    4.The following is a cost analysis chart to help you more clearly analyze the advantages and disadvantages between various formwork.the difference of formworks

About Pvc Plastic Formwork

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