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We are china’s top3 pvc plastic formwork factory!! Our formwork can be reused 50+times,Average cost of use 0.4$

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  1. 50+times reuse.
  2. Totally waterproof and B1 fireproof grade. 
  3. No formwork removal oil/grease required. 
  4. No warping under the sun for months. 
  5. Much higher efficiency. 
  6. 80+ Shore D hardness. 
  7. Sophisticated formwork installation experience. 
  8. Professional after-sale service team.

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China's Top 3 Pvc Formwork Factory!

  • 50+ Times Reuse & Replace Plywoods
  • Unique Blue Color All Over The Word


Thousands of Construction Sites Home and Abroad

What is PVC Forwmork

GreenPlastic According to the market feedback, thousands of experiments and tests, finally the plastic formwork will be comprehensively upgraded, “white cloud series” construction formwork completely solve the problem of high temperature deformation of plastic formwork, solving more hidden dangers of the project, and saving more construction costs for customers!

You need more than just formwork, you need a seasoned supplier with 18 years of experience in the field to build your brand and increase your profits.

pvc plastic construction formwork, can be reused more than 60 times, no mold release agent, the average cost of use is 0.4$


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Blue color is our own unique patented color,only we can make such blue color 50+times reuse pvc formwork of premium quality all over the world.It is born to replace plywood and other costly formworks.

Join Us,You will Get Special Price and Clients Sharing!

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